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Years ago my business partner at Red Sky, CEO Tim Smith, used to tell a story about having met Steve Jobs in a most unusual, almost comic, situation. Tim has, after all these years, felt the pull to write it for posterity, or therapy maybe.

My favorite picture of Jobs and Woz. It reminds me that you can achieve anything, from any starting point. Here, juvenile and awesome, Jobs inspects a home-made "Blue Box" which would allow them to hack the Bell System touch-tone telephone system and place long-distance calls from pay phones. My kind of guys.

It’s a great read.  If you’re a bit stunned at the loss of Steve Jobs you will appreciate it as I did.

Read Tim’s story here.

I never met Steve. I always thought I would some day, egoist I am.  The man shaped the lives and careers of so many of us, and we (I) invested so much of who we are in him.  He played such a central role in our days.

But as I sit here and write this I feel a tugging that I recall having only once before.  And although it was understandably quite a lot stronger and more personal then, I recognize the feeling.  It happened on the morning my grandmother, my father’s mother, passed away.

I drove to be with my grandfather and we spent the day together alone in their house.  It was an emotional day, her presence was everywhere.  But the most poignant moment came when the two of us sat down and, in thick silence, ate a slice of fresh pie that my grandmother had made only the day before.  Her fingerprints were in the crust.

Nothing had been said before, or subsequently, that was ultimately more emotionally meaningful to me than that moment. The feeling washed over  me as I realized simultaneously – that she was gone forever, but how fresh and delicious the pie was.

It was a strange, ghostly feeling – both utterly empty and yet full of meaning.

I guess sitting here, writing this now, I feel something similar that must be playing out in so many ways all over the world tonight.

I usually delete the following… but not today.

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  1. Andrew Hladecek


    I really think your feelings towards the passing of Jobs sum up how it feels for a lot of us. While I never knew him personally, his passing has affected me. So many of us use or interact with a machine that is at the very heart of it his creation. His innovation and vision helped shape the world we live in today. He not only brought information to the masses, but he did it in a way that has been unrivaled in both style and creativity. He was an individual that not only had the desire to change the world, but had the talent to make it happen.

    And thank you for sharing that story about Grandma Irene. I wish I could have known her.

    Take care Joel, I hope all is well with you and your family.


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