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iRingPro's free ringtones for iPhone and Android



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Note – It is not possible to download iRingPro’s free ringtones directly to your iPhone.
Please download to your Mac or PC, and install via iTunes.  A short step-by-step installation guide is contained in the included read me file.

Why I am giving away free ringtones

In 2007 I founded a small company called iRingPro. It was dedicated to providing the world’s most sophisticated ringtones, for adults and professionals.  Along with musician and master audio designer Jeff Essex, we set out to create a library of tones that were more elegant, respectful and sophisticated than any other professional ringtones on the market.

As professional users ourselves, who abhorred the use of annoying pop songs and silly sound effects, these were the ringtones we always wanted.  Sophisticated, serene, professional ringtones.

The tones were hailed by Macworld, MacLife Magazine, TUAW, Gizmodo, Cult of Mac, The Mac Observer and many other tech news outlets and blogs.  There just weren’t any tones out there like these.  

Something Unexpected

But then something tragic happened, Jeff Essex my great friend and co-creator at iRingPro, passed away.  Immediately we began donating a portion of the money iRingPro earned to a San Francisco music foundation in Jeff’s name.

But emotions and ideas have a way of taking time to gestate, and it finally occurred to me what Jeff would have wanted to do.  Always more concerned with making the world a better place than with money, he’d want to see his work find it’s way into the world in as unfettered a way possible. He would want to inspire a love of music and audio.  He would want to make a difference.  He’d want the iRingPro ringtones to be free.

So I have closed the iRingPro store, and have provided the entire library of iRingPro ringtones free to the public.  From now on, they’re yours to download, redistribute and share.

Please enjoy them, and help us remember a remarkable guy by making the world a better sounding place.


– Joel Hladecek